WATCH: When 420 Plants Bite BACK!

In a YouTube video that begins with the lighthearted antics typical of 4/20 celebrations, things take an unexpected, eerie twist. Using a backdrop familiar to fans of celebrities like Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg, who often embrace and share their own 4/20 escapades, the video initially taps into the usual mirth associated with the day. But as events unfold, viewers are introduced to the legend of the “bad plant.” Drawing parallels to dark and twisty tales from celebrities like Lady Gaga’s haunted hotel stories or the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle which Harry Styles has alluded to, this video brilliantly intertwines the fun-loving spirit of 4/20 with an ominous narrative. Watch as the revelry is overshadowed by the chilling lore of the “bad plant,” reminding viewers that even the most joyous occasions can have a dark side.

Written by FilmPop

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