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WATCH: Billy The Kid | Doritos Commercial

Billy the Kid Cowboy: The Doritos Duel in Celebrity Context

The legacy of Billy the Kid, the infamous Wild West outlaw, has long permeated pop culture. Yet, in a humorous twist, a recent YouTube video introduces us to a new and hilariously endearing version: “Billy the Kid Cowboy.” Unlike the gun-toting legend, this young cowboy’s main mission is to defend his cherished snack, Doritos, especially from his pesky brother. Drawing inspiration from popular snack commercials that often use exaggerated scenarios for comedic effect—think of Betty White getting tackled in a Snickers ad or celebrities like Cardi B and Morgan Freeman lip-sync battling for Mountain Dew and Doritos—it’s clear that our little cowboy’s dramatic quest resonates with the hyperbolic nature of such ads.

Much like Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.’s epic “Dirty Dancing” tribute for a Super Bowl commercial, “Billy the Kid Cowboy” combines humor, unexpected elements, and familiar pop culture references to craft a memorable narrative. The video amusingly showcases the young cowboy’s determination, resorting to his lassoing skills, reminiscent of scenes from classic Westerns, to ensure his treasured Doritos remain untouched. It’s a delightful fusion of the Old West ethos with contemporary sibling rivalry, packaged neatly for a modern audience familiar with celebrity endorsements and humorous advertisements.

In a media landscape where celebrity-driven, humorous commercials, like Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin ads or the quirky T-Mobile spots featuring stars like Billie Eilish, remain ever-popular, “Billy the Kid Cowboy” fits right in. Its blend of playful homage to a historic figure and the universal theme of snack-food rivalry evokes chuckles and nostalgia in equal measure. While our pint-sized cowboy might not have the notorious reputation of his namesake, his spirited defense of Doritos ensures he’ll be remembered in the annals of humorous YouTube content.

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