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Please stop, I’m one of you. Really!

Join our host, Torri, on a journey through Black History Month, taking a closer look at the key events and figures that have shaped the African American experience.

From the Civil Rights Movement to the impact of trailblazing leaders and thinkers, each episode brings a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of the rich history of the African American community. Join us as we pay tribute to their legacy and continue celebrating their ongoing impact on our world.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and recognize African-American culture’s heroes and history makers. Carter G. Woodson, an army veteran who was born into slavery, fought for freedom and went on to become one of the most outstanding leaders in American history. He led a campaign that allowed many people access to better opportunities, from becoming lawyers and professors to even being elected president!

He won numerous awards and honors, such as the grand prize from the United Negro College Fund, and became the first African-American professor at Harvard University. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month to honor Woodson’s legacy, which is celebrated every February across the country. This month we remember all those who have been influential in making our nation more just and free and thank them for their significant contribution towards achieving success today.

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